MAXTRAX Angled Mounting Bracket Kit

$179.00 - $289.00

MAXTRAX taking up too much space on your rack? Our MX-A Angled Side Mounting Brackets will leave you plenty of room for tie downs, bags, swags, and whatever else you throw up there, while improving ease of access when you need your ‘TRAX in a hurry. They’re also extremely sturdy, so you don’t need to worry about them wobbling around when you’re on the highway, or bouncing around making a racket as you bomb along corrugations.


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MAXTRAX Pin Wrench/Bottle Opener

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Our MX-A Maxtrax Angled Side Mount brackets are a secure, stylish and functional solution for attaching your Maxtrax to your Rhino Rack Pioneer, Yakima or compatible platform. They are made from black powder coated stainless steel, and supplied with durable stainless steel hardware, so you can trust everything will remain locked down and rust-free.

Featuring multiple angle adjustments, shovel holder mounting points, strong M10 mounting hardware and a sleek new design, our Aussie-Made brackets are the perfect solution for side mounting your tracks for quick & easy accessibility.

Kit Contents:
  • 2x MX-A Angled Mount Brackets ( assembly required )
  • 4x M10 Socket Head Screws
  • 4x M10 Channel Nuts
  • 4x M10 Flat Washers
  • 4x M10 Spring Washers
  • 1x Set Bracket Assembly Hardware
  • Optional: MAXTRAX MkII/Xtreme Mounting Pins
  • Optional: Yakima AceO’Spades Shovel Holder

*This kit is designed for flat platforms – if your platform has side rails they will cause interference and foul on the tracks
*MAXTRAX and shovel not included.


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