MAXTRAX Pin Wrench/Bottle Opener


Whether it’s because your pins are brand new and still damned stiff, or you’ve used your ‘TRAX a few times and they just aren’t fitting together as nicely as before, sometimes MAXTRAX Pins can be hard to turn!

With the Razed Products MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Wrench Turn-y Assist Tool Thing™ those stubborn Pins are impossible no more! Just slide this handy tool over the top and you’ll be turning them with a minimum of fuss.

Not only that, but it also opens beer, and beer is good!

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Our MAXTRAX Pin Turning Assistant/Wrench-y Guy (That’s Also a Bottle Opener) is laser cut and etched from 3mm, marine-grade stainless steel at our factory in Mitcham, Victoria.

Kit Contents:
  • 1x  Pin Wrench Bottle Opener
  • 1x  Razed Products Sticker


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