MAXTRAX Indeflate


The MAXTRAX Indeflate is a device that’s used to inflate or deflate two tyres simultaneously, while automatically equalising the pressure between the two. Inflating and deflating tyres is usually a really tedious process, but with an Indeflate it becomes quick and easy!

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  • Attaches to two points (2 tyres) at once, equalising automatically, with a unique dump valve system that allows you to deflate two tyres at once
  • Using the MAXTRAX INDEFLATE you can attach a compressor and evenly inflate two tyres at once
  • Built-in pressure gauge, which means that you can monitor your tyre pressure while inflating, deflating, or simply equalising
  • Made from highly durable precision engineering aluminium and comes with two 3m highly flexible air hoses that are abrasion and ozone resistant
  • Clip on chucks make it simple and safe to connect to tyre valves
  • Comes in a strong and durable carry bag to make it convenient to carry and store


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