MAXTRAX Static Winch Rope


The MAXTRAX Winch Rope is a metal-free replacement winch rope and is designed as a safe alternative to steel winch cable, or synthetic winch rope with a metal hook or a metal thimble. It can also be removed from the winch drum and used as a static extension rope if required.

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The MAXTRAX Static Winch Rope has been designed and tested as part of the MAXTRAX Recovery System. The MAXTRAX Recovery System is comprised solely of MAXTRAX products and has not been tested with any third-party-branded products. Critically, if the MAXTRAX Recovery System is overloaded the MAXTRAX Fuse Shackle is designed to be the weakest link, and the expected point of failure. Accordingly, you must use a MAXTRAX Fuse Shackle in the MAXTRAX Recovery System during any vehicle recovery.

Only use rated recovery points when connecting the MAXTRAX Fuse Shackle or MAXTRAX Core Shackle to a vehicle. Before using the MAXTRAX Static Winch Rope for a vehicle recovery, ensure that any person involved reads and understands ALL INFORMATION on the packaging, and on any warning labels attached to the Static Winch Rope itself.

Material: Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene and Polyester
Weight: 2.5 kg
Length: 10mm x 30m
MBS: 9,500 kg


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