MAXTRAX Pin Wrench Mini


Whether it’s because your pins are brand new and still damned stiff, or you’ve used your ‘TRAX a few times and they just aren’t fitting together as nicely as before, sometimes MAXTRAX Pins can be hard to turn!

With the Razed Products MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Wrench MINI, those stubborn Pins are impossible no more! Just slide this handy tool over the top and you’ll be turning them with a minimum of fuss.

Not only that, but it also opens beer, and beer is good!

Merch Deal!

Razed Stubby Holder

Razed Stubby Holder


Our MAXTRAX Pin Turning Assistant/Wrench-y Guy (That’s Also a Bottle Opener) is laser cut and etched from 3mm, marine-grade stainless steel at our factory in Mitcham, Victoria.

The “Mini” is a compact version of our original Pin Wrench but can double as handy key-chain for all your 4×4 keys ( Locks for Maxtrax Padlock, Shovel Clamps, Drawers etc… )

Kit Contents:
  • 1x  Pin Wrench Bottle Opener MINI
  • 1x  Key Ring
  • 1x  Razed Products Sticker



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