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Been looking everywhere for a better channel nut solution to suit your Rhino Rack Pioneer 6 that isn’t a measly M6?  Look no further!

Our team has specially designed a stainless steel M8 channel nut solution that is a drop in and go system.

This not only suits the new Rhino Rack Pioneer 6, it is also compatible with older gen Rhino Racks (SX,NG) and Yakima Lock’N’Load as well.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 $39.00
2+ 15.38 % $33.00

If you’re looking for an option stronger than M6 for securing your roof rack accessories, the M8 Quick Nut is for you.

We have tried and tested this new winning combination of our Quick Nut paired with stainless steel hardware to match . It means you can keep all of your current accessories for your new Rhino Rack Pioneer 6 at M8 without having to make the move to the smaller M6 options available.

Drop these in anywhere along the channel once retrofitted to your accessories without needing to remove other brackets/hardware to slide channel nuts across. Its as easy as dropping the kit into the location you want and tightening the strong M8 hardware.

  • 4x M8 Quick Nut – (35x 10 x 10mm Overall Dimensions)
  • 4x Stainless Steel M8 Button Head Bolt
  • 4x Stainless Steel M8 Spring Washer
  • 4x Stainless Steel M8 Panel Washer

Compatible with all Razed Products roof rack accessories, pair the Quick Nut with our TDQ for the ultimate tie down solution.

Compatible with Rhino Rack Pioneer 6, Rhino Rack SX/NG and Yakima Lock’N’Load platforms.

** Not suitable for Rola Titan or Dash Offroad Platforms



Ironman 4×4 'Atlas', Rhino Rack Pioneer, Yakima LockNLoad


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