Hardkorr 100cm Tri-colour LED Light Bar Kit


Our 100cm tri-colour LED camping light bar kit provides extra bright illumination for open areas such as under awnings or gazebos. It is also handy for illuminating tailgates, larger canopies and even garden sheds or home workshops. This strip will perfectly integrate with Razed’s range of soft luggage shelves.

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Our 100cm tri-colour LED camp light bar provides 180 degrees of extra-bright illumination for larger areas such as under awnings or gazebos. It is also handy for lighting up tailgates, large canopies and sheds.

  • NEW Tri-colour dimmers: allows you to select between cool white, warm white and orange light at the touch of a button
  • Thicker bar profile for added strength and improved appearance
  • Multiple light bar mounting options:
    • Inbuilt magnets for attachment to most metal surfaces
    • Removable pole clips (sold separately) for easy attachment to non-magnetic tent poles
  • Removable diffusers for a wider angle, softer light beam
  • Removable end caps make flush mount applications look even better by hiding the join between the cable and the bar end
  • Reinforced grommets to prevent wire breakage at light bar ends
  • IP68 waterproof rating means the lights are completely watertight (in fact they will run underwater)
  • Waterproof locking DC connectors on all cables
  • Heavy-duty, double insulated cables to prevent voltage drop, which results in brighter bars
  • Minimal heat output, unlike gas lamps
  • Low power consumption – can be left on all night without affecting your battery
  • 1x 100cm LED camp light bar with orange & white LEDs
  • 2x Removable diffuser
  • 2x Removable end caps
  • 1x Tri-colour dimmer switch
  • 4x Removable pole clips to suit light bar & dimmer switch
  • 1x 3m power lead with cigarette/merit plug
  • 1x 3m 4-pin DC extension lead (orange plugs)


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