Flamin’ Fire Pit

$360.00 - $400.00

In the cold of winter there’s nothing better than sitting by a roaring fire, but lighting fires in your backyard without a safe space to do so is generally frowned upon. Instead, keep your fire safely contained in a Flamin’ Fire Pit!

Made from 3mm corten, these fire pits will slowly develop a uniquely rusted, rustic look. If you’d instead prefer a sleek, stealthy fire pit, they’re also available with a matt black finish.

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Top – 1042 x 900 x 290mm (LxWxH)
Base – 624 x 542 x 174mm (LxWxH)

Corten Finish Notes:

Rustic finish fire pits are provided ‘fresh’ and un-weathered, so the rusted look will develop over time depending on the environment your fire pit is kept in. Corten steel is made to develop a surface layer of rust, protecting the metal below. As the finish develops some runoff is to be expected, which can stain surfaces below – particularly porous surfaces like concrete or tile. After the finish has fully developed (≈3-12 months depending on environment) runoff should no longer occur.

There are various methods to speed up the rusting process, but bear in mind that some of these methods can leave patterns in the finish. For example, wiping the surface with WD40 will promote rust quite quickly, but you may end up with streaks showing that wiping motion. Similarly, letting water sit unevenly on the surface may result in a patchy appearance until the rest of the surface catches up.


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